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Steam Frameworks


Engaging pre-schoolers in experimental science helps develop logical reasoning, critical thinking and forming a strong foundation in science.

Lab exercises at our school involve fun things like a seed house, creating a tornado in a jar, water cycle in a bag, volcano on a plate etc. to help them understand the basics of science


Pre-schoolers at LE are engaged early in technology. It has been identified as a critical piece for future preparation.

Lab assignment includes using computers, cameras, creativity and imagination apps, single instruction coding games and collaborative work on iPad


Children are natural engineers, they love to design and build with anything they can get their hands on. Lab assignment includes experiments to identify how weight is distributed on bridges, buoyancy of ships, creating 3D structures using Lego, etc.


We spark their creativity through craft and combination of colours. Cognitive development also focusses on learning through art.


We teach maths as a life skill at LE. Reasoning and critical thinking are the core of Mathematics.

We adopt multi format approach. Manipulative in form of puzzle cards, teaching aids, gamification and online, offline methods are followed to help them be analytical thinkers.